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Vanessa Astbury Phillip Island Picnics & Experinces

We create personalised experiences, picnics and wellness events on beautiful Phillip Island, Victoria. We're here to help you disconnect to reconnect, find your flow and what lights your fire,  and share something special with friends, family, colleagues or maybe even a stranger. 

We organise everything, leaving more time to you, and our local knowledge helps connect you to the amazing skills and talents on the Island.

For seekers of adventure, fun, nature, spirit and soul connection, we offer a fun and lighthearted approach to wellbeing. Because who said it has to be serious!

With a local and eco based philosophy at our core, you also know your experience will have a light footprint and support our beautiful community.

Welcome to Island Days. 


ABOUT THE creator

Hey, I'm Vanessa, but everyone calls me Ness.

I love getting the most out of life. I truly believe in exploring new experiences to find what our deepest passions are. If I find an amazing experience or meet an inspiring person, I can't help but share this with as many people as I can. Which, is why I started Island Days. And what better place than my island home, Phillip Island.

So, how I came to live on 'The Island'...

As a child, my family brought me here on holidays and weekends. I loved these days...Spending time with family, making friends with the locals and hanging out at the beach. After finishing my degree in Recreation at university, I headed off to Sydney and found my first professional role working with Life. Be In It, putting together all sorts of small and large events.

Then the urge to explore the world set in. I soon found myself working on private luxury yachts around the world. For the following 10 years I alternated between two interesting and amazing worlds of living on the sea and living on 'The Island.' Then, on a tropical island in the Caribbean, I met a handsome (Irish) sailor, who soon became my partner and father of our amazing daughter Saoirse (name meaning 'freedom' which was very apt for our lifestyles).

Once Saoirse came along it was time to settle down...well, a little. So, for the next 6 years, I immersed myself in the local community of Phillip Island, and became involved in various community and wellness projects. This time really allowed me to pursue my passions of health, wellness, surfing and yoga and I obtained a certificate in Health Coaching. Then, I decided it was time to pursue another dream, so I gathered up all my experience and began the journey of starting my own business. This way, I get to do what I love and still live by the sea!

With this, I bring you 'Island Days.'

I look forward to you sharing this with you.

Get in touch to start YOUR island adventure!





We are so passionate about giving people experiences that will last a lifetime. We know 'The Island' inside out and can offer you unique experiences that you wouldn't normally find on your own. We go above and beyond to find the right experience for you.


We focus on quality rather than quantity.

As we want to give you the best personalised experience, we choose to work with small intimate groups. Speak to us about your group size and what we can offer. If for any reason we are not able to fulfill your wishes for a larger group, we have great connections with other talented businesses in the area that we can refer you on to.



Because we care so much about you and want you to leave The Island feeling enriched and inspired, we may need to  occasionally make some changes to your day. When we need to make changes (eg: if there's a massive storm, the beach may not be so romantic for a picnic or yoga), we'll work with you to ensure you still get the most out of your experience, and obviously we will keep you posted every step of the way.



We believe everyone has the right to feel free. So, when you come on one of our experience packages, we give you the freedom to explore and find your own way around The Island. While we're always there for you, we're not always with you. But we're only a phone call away. Speak to us though, if you would like a personal host to guide you through your experience.



We love our local businesses, so we use them as much as possible.  This island has so much to offer and we are all about sharing that. This also means we get to work with people who are like-minded in taking care of our community and natural surroundings.

The purpose of life after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.
— Eleanor Roosenvelt