You know when you experience something so awesome and inspiring that you want to share it with others? We know all  about this, so that's what we're here to do for you.

I had such a wonderful day on the collective yoga immersion. I was overwhelmed with how perfect it was! I felt like I was in another country sitting in that room, doing all that amazing yoga with such wonderful people! It was such a great experience. It was totally an amazing property. The lunch was amazing too!!! I love being fed good, healthy, balanced meals - I cook so much for everyone else that to have it prepared for me like that is such a blessing!
— Melanie Leighton

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We deliver a range of pop up events (we refer to them as "pop-up" as we're never too sure when we will come across someone who has something amazing to share! They just pop up out of nowhere sometimes!). These are the events that we think you'll just love. It's an opportunity to come alone or bring someone else who you'd love to share the experience with. As we're all about wholehearted experiences, our events cover various topics around inspired, wholesome living.

Usually there's limited spots, so don't procrastinate or wait around for something better to come up. It won't, and then you'll have a big case of FOMO! So make sure you book in straight away.

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